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Experienced Concrete Construction, Slabs, Piers, and Finishing Contractors from East Texas.

Reid Construction was founded in 1975 and has provided industrial concrete services for almost half a century. Our experienced contractors can perform on-site pours, work with preset and prestressed concrete, and more.

In East Texas, we’ve completed parking garages, industrial buildings, commercial stores, medical facilities, public buildings, and more. We’re licensed, certified, and insured to work with both public and private sectors.

Most importantly, we have the experience, manpower, and equipment to complete projects quickly and with keen attention to detail. If you need commercial concrete in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas, Reid Construction will be there.

Commercial Concrete Construction Services

Reid Construction has provided East Texas and Dallas concrete construction contracting for almost half a century. Our extensive experience with concrete buildings and construction methods ensures that when we take on your project, we’re able to complete it efficiently and within budget.

Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

Reid Construction has experienced contractors and project managers able to provide tilt-up concrete construction solutions. Tilt-up structures are incredibly cost-effective. They’re also quicker to install.

We have almost 50 years with large-scale tilt-up construction in Dallas and East Texas. Our experienced project managers and contractors will ensure a high-quality job. Our pool of manpower and our large fleet will make the process simple and efficient.

Cast-in-Place Construction

Reid Construction also has fully licensed, experienced site pour professionals who can help with cast-in-place structures. Cast-in-place concrete provides increased structural integrity and unsurpassed insulation capabilities.

Cast-in-Place requires a lot of manpower and expertise, but Reid Construction has the equipment, industrial concrete contractors, and experience to provide exceptional cast-in-place structural concrete services.

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Structural Concrete, Foundations, and Slabs

With almost 50 years of experience as structural concrete contractors, Reid Construction understands that a well-poured, quickly completed foundation can make or break a construction project’s timeline and budget.

We’ll leverage our pool of skilled concrete professionals, equipment, and fleet to ensure your concrete floor slab or foundation is not only perfect but completed with ample time to finish the whole construction project.

Concrete Piers and Slabs

Our concrete construction contractors have extensive experience laying concrete foundations that will stand the test of time. We’re able to provide deep foundations, post-tensioned concrete, and steel-reinforced concrete with an unmatched eye for detail and level of craftsmanship.

We also have the expertise and equipment to provide elevated slabs and raised concrete decking. Elevated concrete decks are becoming increasingly popular, and our contractors are familiar with the design methods to get them done efficiently and affordably.

Structural Concrete, Columns, and Retaining Walls

We can provide cast-in-place and tilt-up structural concrete. If you’re in the process of building a mixed construction building, we can offer expert concrete placement, whether you’re looking for deep piers and a slab or concrete walls, supports, and struts.

With almost 50 years of experience providing structural concrete services, you can rest assured that Reid Concrete will be able to provide the concrete you need affordably and quickly.

Concrete Paving, Hardscapes, and Finishing

Reid Construction began in 1975, by pouring residential hardscapes. We have extensive experience providing beautiful, high-qualty concrete walkways, parking lots, stairs, retaining walls, and more.

With almost half a century of experience, our ability to plan and execute residential and commercial hardscapes are next to none. Our engineers and general contractors will pour beautiful concrete that keeps your project on schedule and within budget.

Walkways, Plazas, Parking Lots

Our concrete contractors have extensive experience providing functional and decorative concrete installations throughout East Texas and Dallas. Whether full parking lots, pedestrian sidewalks, or a beautiful public space, we’ll bring the expertise and craftsmanship to get your job done.

In addition to a wealth of experience with commercial and residential hardscapes, we’ve also worked with public and private sector entities to help complete their projects. Our East Texas concrete contractors’ work is second to none and can get your hardscape finished on time and within budget.

Concrete Finishing and Stamped Concrete

Our concrete contractors are up-to-date and the most modern methods of finishing concrete. We’ll ensure that your hardscape is not only proficiently poured but as beautiful as these modern methods can make concrete.

We’ve been finishing concrete for almost 50 years, beginning with stamped concrete patios and walkways. Our experience with concrete finishes is beyond compare, and we guarantee that we’ll exceed your expectations for any hardscape job.

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Commercial Concrete Construction
In East Texas

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